Do not go to Geneva, do not confuse our jobs: Diaspora Tamils

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jed al Hussein, Sri Lanka for the International Criminal Court A statement he wanted to take.
UN sanctions to bring Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court He also called for a resolution in the Human Rights Council. It is noteworthy that in his speech,
Two weeks before Mr. Sumanthiran traveled stealthily. The United Nations should allow another one-year extension to Colombo. He was listening to the countries in the Human Rights Council.
We did not know what he said to the British and some countries when he went to Geneva.
The ITAK should not go to Geneva to prevent the good from immigrants since last year.
Over the past one year, many foreign countries have campaigned for foreign ministers and leaders of the countries to justify to bring the International Criminal Court to Sri Lanka.
With the assistance of US and European experts with international criminal case related to several war crimes, the UN The Tamil Eelam government has taken action to justify expert witnesses to prosecute the Human Rights Council in the International Court of Justice.
So after losing support for the Tamil People's Geneva policy, the Tamil National Alliance (UNP) Do not engage in human rights matters. It should not only confuse the good deeds done by the Diaspora Tamils.
"The ITAK said I would like to go to Geneva to send Ranil's letter to Sri Lanka for a year, Mr. Rajapakse will come to power if Sri Lanka takes over the International Criminal Court, saying that it is good and good, and that this letter was prepared by Ranil's advisers. Sumanthiran said it would be slightly changed in the name of the ITAK. "A Sinhalese journalist says.
This is good for Tamil MPs because they can be in office for two and a half years.
It is important for the people that the ITAK is going to leave Geneva by getting the rewards from Ranil
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