Northern CM rejects economic assistance from Govt

Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran recently said, Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran recently said, "The Government thinks Tamil people can be bought over by making them powerless. Even we are behaving in such a way. We should refrain from such behaviour and become powerful. We should change ourselves and they will stop grabbing from us," he said. The Chief Minister further said, "Sinhala Political Leaders are very clear about their demands.
But we are unclear of the ways to execute our demands. Some have even questioned the reasons for our reluctance to gain economic benefits and collaboratively work with the Government. Obtaining economic benefits is equal to vesting our rights with the Central Government. They will claim that economic development is given and then plunder our historical rights. Therefore, we should observe the situation with an open mind."
C.M. Wigneswaran also said, economic development is essential but that can be obtained from the disapora and the international community too. "If we obtain from the Government we will be treated like beggars forever. Once we take funds from them, they will achieve what they want from us. They will demand our lands, our jobs and the armed forces will stay in our region forever. If we obtain economic assistance, we cannot deny these demands. We will lose our uniqueness and we should not reach that level." He said so while replying to the media during a recent media gathering in Jaffna.
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