We jointly coordinate an international inquiry

If we had a painful international inquiry into the continuation of the Vanni war then today the situation of the Tamil people would have been different.
The Sri Lankan governments tailored themselves to our Tamil political leadership, just as we could do it for the sake of writing.

Our political leadership failed to emphasize that this was an international inquiry.
The Sri Lankan government will provide some sort of queue solution. Our political leadership was in the position that we should get it.
No one thought that the Tamil people would vote for us to vote for us, and we would have been betrayed by the people who were holding parliamentary seats.

Our political leadership is acting on behalf of the Sri Lankan government. The Tamil political leadership viewed it as ignorant of the fact that there is an indiscriminate population among us, even though it is true that the war on the international war is over.

But the reality is not the people. Our political heads promised during the election period. They will not harm us. What can they do? The fact is that there is no other suspicion to me except the belief that they can tell us as much as we can.

Whoever forgives the green politics of Tamil political leadership for the Tamil people who believe in the perfection of the Tamil political leadership, the Lord will not forgive. This is ok.

Losing child; Looting the family; It is also cruel that they want to save the victims who have to struggle for the dawning of a family that is losing their parents.

At the same time, representatives of world powers and UN delegates dealing with the issues related to the Eelam Tamils ​​have taken their view that the destruction of Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka has been done - the war crime was committed.
Especially Navinathampillai Ammaiyar and Al Hussain have been insisting on international investigations from today.

But our Tamil political leadership to be in favor of them can not be anything wrong with the voice of the government.
What happened has happened. We will now ask an international inquiry as a whole of the Tamils ​​together. 
That is the only thing we can get from the Sri Lankan government.
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