Army in Jaffna Hindu temples It's fun to help: cajivan

It is funny that the army of the Tamils ​​who continue to destroy and destroy the Hindu temples in Jaffna is a fun game, said Shanmugalingam Sajeevan, member of the Valikamam Northern Pradeshiya Sabha. 
When asked about the help of the army of Hindu temples, he said. 
He further added that it is 
fun to continue to destroy Tamils ​​and capture Sinhala settlements, Buddhist monasteries and ethnic cleansing in the Hindu temples in Jaffna.
The army, which has seized the land under the guise of the high security zone in the North, has declared that the war is over, and is it about to cover up to 22 more Hindu temples and 10 Christian temples in the area that have been buried in the land? 
20 Grama Sevaka Divisions and three Grama Niladhari Divisions are fully equipped to enjoy 4,000 148 acres of land and enjoy play facilities for military families. How can those who help these Hindu temples?
School students in undeclared areas can not continue their education. The Palalyi Siddhivinayakar Vidyalayam, Palali Northern State Tamil School, Kankesanthurai Mahavidyam, Vasavilan Sri Veluppillai Vidyalayam, Kesanasanthara Neshevarak College's classroom building is still in the hands of the military. 
We have fought against the Jaffna Podana hospital and the fate of the Tamil people for landslides needing a new military camp has become a tradition. 
The army is helping to retaliate the rebel fighters to wreck hysteria.
How many fighters have been deprecated How many female fighters have been shattered, for instance, the music of the music has become internationally recognized. 
When this happens, how is the fraternity of brotherhood possible? While some of the innocent Tamil politicians are in prison as their families in the streets of the prison, your speech will be buried in the rice. 
First you edit the lands belonging to the Tamil people to the people. We will make our lives a resource.
The rebuilding of the livelihood of the displaced North East Tamils ​​in the guise of the war is the diaspora Tamils ​​are reeling under their financial support. 
Other issues will be taken up only if the army takes measures to release the seized lands to punish the war heroes who have been deliberately thought of and ignored by the false talks.
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