Remove statues installed after 2009

There is no need to say that the unity between the majority and minority ethnicity will last in Sri Lanka.
Recently, a riot of riot against Muslim people in Kandy can be tested.

On the one hand, there is a lot of opportunities for the minorities in the minority ethnic groups to break apart into the controversy surrounding them.

You can distinguish between these occasions.
Three Hindu temples have been damaged recently in Kilinochchi area.

Before this, Hindu temples are known to be damaged. Who are they? And that there is no one who has the power to prosecute those involved.
On the one hand, Hindu temples are damaged, and on the other hand, some religions in the Northern province are very hard to establish.

Local governmental organizations should focus on this, since religiousism can destroy the unity and strength of the Tamil people.
At the same time, the Northern Provincial Council is required to bring a resolution to remove the statues of the Goddesses installed in the streets, junctions and public places in the year 2009 and in the same manner.
Also, temples, churches, mosques, Buddhist shrines and juniors, which are built without permission in the future, should be a punishable offense and these actions should be considered as a stimulus to religiousism.

While the new shrine for setting the apply and he's homeless, ten families of ten housing affording condition erkinravarkal should be making, new shrines constructed which case the very tight style methods practiced on a special panel's recommendation as per the permission given basin Tum nra introduce mandatory procedure.

In any case, however, after 2009, steps must be taken to remove the immediate removal of the Goddesses in the streets of the roads, in the markets.
Whether it is possible to erupt the religious riots in the north too quickly.
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