The office of the missing persons should be run - Sridhararan

The Northern National Coalition's Division of Parliament, Sivagnanam Sriethanan, has decided to establish at least 4 of the Northern and Eastern Provinces and to provide their witnesses without any interference, especially with regard to the intelligence sector without interference. It is. 

He said this while addressing the bill in parliament. 

Furthermore, the Sri Lankan government has not revealed what has happened to them, but it should be done first, despite evidence on the surrender of the Army and the handed over to the army. 

First of all, thank you for the submission of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child to be brought out in this House for the disappearance of those who were forcibly disappeared in this country. At the same time, it is very interesting that almost two and a half years have passed. Most of the people in this country were not forced to leave. 

Especially in the North-East Tamils, the struggle against human rights against the injustices that followed in 1983 was suppressed by the armed struggle. Those people were attacked by armed forces; At that time they had to think about guns. The government has imposed it on them.

Tens of thousands of people were killed in the middle of 2009 after a long struggle. Thousands have disappeared. In this country, the government has resorted to various commissions to investigate this. 
Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who made a genocide on Tamils ​​in particular, have been disappeared from the terrible war and horrific murders in this country.
The ethnic problem in this country must be resolved; It is said that the solution to the problems that has taken place in this country is correct. 

But even these things did not take care of her. Subsequently, the former judge, Maxwell Paranagama, chaired the presidential commission for further deception. 
But do you want to swing at the time when the President's Commission inquires to the people? Chicken breed? That is the youngest way to do justice to justice. 

Sri Lanka accepted all the issues under the 30 (1) of the Geneva Declaration in September 2015, in conformity with the resolutions passed by the United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva from 2011 to 2015.  

At that time, Mangala Samaraweera, we have set up an office for the missing persons; We bring an immediate solution to them; We are eyeing them and handing them to relatives; We are providing justice. 
But for two and a half years, that justice has not yet been established. In this case, this bill is discussed today. The commissioners have been appointed. 

Where will this office be located? If they are located in Colombo, how will those who are in the North and East come to Colombo and present relevant witnesses and issues? Hence, the offices in the North and East were established at least four, where the people should be free of any interrogations, especially without the interrogation of the investigators, and to give their testimony free of charge with international supervision. 

Leading member is the best international attention in this regard. In particular, the United States must pay for the care; Britain needs to show its concerns; This will provide its role in the DIA. 

That is, the European countries must help the transparency investigation take place. After being told to go into the zones of the war zone from where the so-called sun zone is concerned, the people who have been killed there and the disappearance of those who have been disappeared should be allowed to get justice.  
Parents who handed over their children have been entrusted to their husbands, who are entrusted with their mother and father. That struggle has been completed a year. 
But it is not fair for anyone to see their state in this country. They still continue to get justice for that. Therefore, I would suggest that this issue should be investigated and justified with the presence of the international community under international supervision so as to bring justice to them.
 We are concerned that European countries and the United States should show more concern in this regard. Most importantly, justice for the families of these disappeared people should be available. Particularly in the head of the Franciscan leadership, more than 48 surrendered. Where are they going? Where are they

There are evidence that the LTTE chief's elder son Balakumaran's son had come under the control of the army. The Lanka Guardian newspaper released those identities. The BBC's former news editor, Francis Harrison, appeared on his Twitter page. All these things have not been done in this country. 
The surrendered Pulidevan and his political accomplice Nadesan were killed. So much injustice was done in this country. In the most brutal war, war crimes were committed on the people. In 2009, a hundred and over 40 thousand people were killed and disappeared as Mannar Bishop Rayappu Joseph Anniyan noted. 
Therefore, the government should seek justice for those people in September 2015, according to international legal experts' claims that they are seeking assistance.    
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