Write a word like a traitor

(We imagined how would it take place if there was a Samasankar in connection with the Tamil National Alliance (EPDP) and the Eelam People's Janatha Party (EPDP)
All the history of Sundaramoorthy Naira knows.

Sundar is the slave of his sister in the wedding hall.
Sundar was distressed when he came to know that he was not a cheetah or a serpent. Wimmy cried that the Lord had eaten them as Pitta.
Sundar Puranapattana Shiva Button! Praise me with the word that is spoken by me.

This happened on the day. What is happening in Tamil politics today.
The ITAK said that the EPDP Secretary General Douglas Devananda was a traitor to Tamils.
The media supporting the ITAK party was published by it.
The ITAK sought the help of Douglas Deva Nantha in the local council election in the desire to seize the local government councils, including the Jaffna Municipal Council and the Chavakachcheri Urban Council.
Here's Samba (imagination) 

Hey, sir! If you help; If you give us a try We will take over the municipal council and the Chavakachcheri Urban Council.
Deva: Leaders of the ITAK You are a traitor to me. You talked to my clients as EPDP. Then how can we support you?

Senathy: aiyane! Mannittarulka. The colonial level has done so. That's what we do for what we do.
Deva: Really! Let's say the traitor is a comedian.
Senathy: aiyane! We will sing many times not once. 
Deva with the name of Comrade! We need help when we need ... 
Today we have done the error that we have done today as a bug in the error 
Lounge. Mayor of the municipal council will be ours 
Give me the support of Nada. 
Deva: Good good. Restored. We did not know. Our support is that we are people. Please support our loving advocate and you will be the chief minister. Kapar. Will give you grace.
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