EPDP member Tavarasa, the opposition leader of the Northern Provincial Council, who was in trouble for demanding the reimbursement of 7 thousand rupees funded by him for Mullivaikal, is engaged in the recruitment of youth. 

For this, they have come up with a message from the public,

"The relationship between us! 
May 18th is the freeing of the hearts of all Tamils. This day is the symbol of the massacre. This year, they have contributed to the remembrance of the tragedies encountered by Vamarai, Vannar via Mannar to Mullivaikal. It was decided to pay seven thousand rupees from the monthly allowance of Northern Provincial Council members.      

Northern Provincial Council Leader Tawarajah has appealed to the government to repay the rupees seven thousand rupees in his name. Recalling our children with the philosophy of those who are thinking about this is a betrayal of the souls of our relationships.
Our pain, pain, and tears can be with us all. It is the result of the manner in which he was raised. Jaffna, who was part of the party that was part of the party to pay homage to the people killed in Mullivaikal. Mayer did not allow it when the resolution was made in the municipal council. There are no civilians killed there. It is worth noting that the poor money they received from the demonstration in the city did not come to this event.    

So we will all share a rupee rate for this and we will hand over these seven thousand rupees to the Northern Provincial Council. Emotionally seven thousand people are worth a rupee! 

Pooram Thavaraja. His family seems to be harder without this payment. Let's get along with that difficulty. Every profession for everyone. Do not look to the curse of their wife and children in the stomach of the politicians. 
So, we have to establish that we are in a relationship with the Tamil speaking son of a single rupee. "
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