Mavai senathirajah

The Tamil Nadu government has indicated that Douglas Devananda would not oppose the appointment of the ministry. 
We did not stop the appointment of Minister Douglas Devananda in Maithree-Ranil joint government. If he or she has a position, the government can give or receive the office of the ministry. We have done what we did not do without being a minister. We are not afraid of his ministries, "said Thaivasiruppu leader Mavisunathirasa.

Secretary General Douglas Devananda, Director General of EDT, is said to have been hindered by the federal government as the federal government has been hindered by the federal government in the form of local government elections decisions as well as the federal government and the Douglas support to the federation in the local government. The news was also reported.

Mavai Senathirajah commented on this, the government should decide on the appointment of the Minister to Douglas Devananda in Maithree-Ranil joint government. This government has been asked to provide the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and get it.

Because he has been minister in every period. For that purpose, Douglas Devananda should not be given a ministry or he is not afraid of the minister. We never had such a situation.

We are working on the basis of our people's order. Our race in our troubled problem in the present government is only about our future and we do not pay attention to who the provincial council should exist or who should be with the local authorities.

We seek to get a goal, ie, from the outside to solve the ethnic problem. That's true. We will accept that. We also have the obligation to tell Sinhala people internationalism that there is a two-thirds majority to find a solution to the ethnic problem.

If the solution to the ethnic problem is acceptable, we are working on every occasion with a target of 2 out of 3. We are thinking about such a solution but we are not competing for the office of the ministry or it does not prevent the Ministry from taking office. Our goal is very holy.

We could have had more than one ministries and deputy ministries, but we did not look for it. We are not in that position. Anyone who wants to be a minister without a ministerial job will have to adhere to many things in the Budget as it is unprecedented. They were the ones who were the ministers. However, we have done it as ministers, when the minister was in the time of the ministry.
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