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Ranil and SampanthanSampanthan said to Samantha, "Let's assume that Eelam is blossomed by the Lotus Muttin, every year," the political solution of the end of this year ". 
Every time the Geneva approach is approaching, this time it becomes a constant formula to say that Sri Lanka's pressure will increase. 
If the next two months pass, the Mullivaaikal will be completed for nine years. 
What is the solution to the injustice done to the Tamils ​​in their own soil, whether in international politics or in global politics during the nine years?
The struggle of the relatives of the disappeared in Vanni has completed one year. How long can it continue to do so? 
How many foreign dignitaries and diplomats, including the president, prime minister, opposition leader, ex-human rights commissioner, former British Prime Minister, and how many promises have been met. 
Are any of these implemented? 
From the days of Mahinda Rajapaksa, where were the investigating committees and their statements created up to today's Maithri-Ranil period? 
What does the office that has been created for the disappeared persons of the international community? Who's it for?
Tell us where the missing people are. The laughter came just a few months ago when the president heard about the relationships that he was searching for. 
This is the story of the chicken-haired chauvinist. 
Maithree who went to the election campaign in the north of the area earlier this month issued a fresh announcement. 
His reply is that none of the so-called disappearances are known to him. 
The answer is no. 
It means that the government has not stopped anyone anywhere. 
The other meaning is that no one is alive now.
In the Mullivaaikal war, when the arms of the Tamil side were silenced, Mahinda Rajapaksa stayed abroad. (Then the opposition parties claimed that he had gone abroad because his astrologers had said they would be maimed at home). 
The then President of Defense was the current President of Australia. 
In that way, he had a moral obligation to answer the question of whether the missing persons were killed. 
If that is the case, it can be concluded that no one is there now. 
If this is the final answer of the Sri Lankan government, everyone who cares about the time and the time to go beyond this Geneva should be remembered.
Who is the question of who is going to scare this cat? 
It can certainly be said that the federation, which acts as a defender and guardian of good governance, does not. 
Why can not it be done by other people who are talking about Tamil Nationalism during elections? 
Anyone who claims Tamil nationalists to be united should not unite to see anything as electoral activities or politics. 
Ananthi Sasitharan, a minister in the Northern Provincial Council, handed her husband along with other fighters in the army's army. 
His legitimate question of how the president can say that he is not handed over to him is enough to stop the government forces before war crimes.
However, all this has been put on the one side and the local council election results are now the mainstay. 
This election has revoked all the activities of all political parties in Sri Lanka. 
The attempt to remove the Prime Minister from office was taken. Attempting to establish a new regime, Mahinda's support team was merged with her. 
The Ranil party tried to establish a separate United National Party state, away from the good governance. 
Maithree planned to set up Independence Party Nimal Siripala de Silva, a separate independent party. 
Mahinda openly made the request for removal of the opposition leader from the post and giving it to the PA.
His question is how can the federation, which never openly oppose the government, can act as opposition. 
How can they act against them because the Leader of the Opposition has been rewarded for the Tamil vote in the presidential election and the support of the government? 
Even in the bailout scandal, the federalists who did not breathe out against the Prime Minister. 
As we mentioned in the last week's article, it is not easy to dismiss the runners from the post of Prime Minister. 
Mahinda's desire for promotion of the eighteenth political amendment and the third time he contested the presidential election.
Maithiri, who won the election, canceled the first edition of the eighteenth edition and passed the nineteenth amendment. 
Maithri did not know or understood that the amendment was the life insurance provided by Prime Minister Ranil. 
President can not be dismissed by Prime Minister under nineteenth amendment. If the Prime Minister leaves office, or dies in office, or can only remove him from Parliament by a no-confidence resolution, there is no law in his hand to hand him over. 
This week, Maithree knows that this is the political structure of his political system.
However, Ranil's powers can be created by giving him or ministering to other ministers. Maithri is seeking to do this now. Sometimes these changes may occur when you study it. 
Maithri needs this change to prevent a further split into the Freedom Party and extinguish Mahinda's party. 
Ranil's friend, former banker of the central bank, Arruna Mahendran, has been absorbed after the bailout. The action is being taken to arrest him. 
Immediately, Amarie Wijewardena, who is Sri Lanka's high ranking in Britain, is the only one to resign. 
Ranil's mother should know that Amali Wijewardena is the half sister of Nalini Wijewardana.
Many high-ranking officials from Ranil's inner circle are subjected to the music chamber. 
The new constitutional project, which is facing good governance, pushes for the interim report of the new constitution. 
This was reported as a news message by the Tamil Nadu party leader Mavai Senathirajah at a meeting. 
Whatever happens in the changing political situation nowadays, there is no seeming favor to the Tamil problem settlement. 
Sampanthan told Mahinda, "Let's say Lotus Muddle is Eelam blossom," every year, we can add his hope of "a political settlement by the end of this year" as the second line of the vote, but nothing more.
Mahinda's political masculine games are good governance, reverting the opposition (federation), it can not be any mistake. 
This is the reality today!
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