Do you understand the origin of Tamil homeland?

It is now clear that the minority ethnic groups who live with the majority ethnic group are at any given moment.

Tamil people live in areas where majority of the population lives. But the question was asked by the US, the overseas delegates from India who questioned the problem of Sinhala people living in the majority of the Tamils.

The question of the question is that the question of the Tamils'
Here is an inherent reality. 
The security of the Tamil people is an inherent issue.

Though Tamil and Muslim people live in Sinhala people, their overall security is in the hands of the Sinhala people.
The truth is that the Sinhalese people, including natural disasters, including seashells and sea turmoil, are at the time when the victims are victims of minority.

This is a vicious proof of Sinhala chauvinism against Muslim people in Kandy.

Thus, the fact that the Sinhalese parties determine the lives of the minorities living in the majority of the population is the truth.
In this dangerous situation, the Tamil people are insisting on the need for their native Tamil homeland.

So, the international community can understand the justification for the Tamil homeland, which insists the Tamil people.
Whatever the situation now, the Sri Lankan ruling party must be determined to stop the racist violence.
To do this, it is desirable to take a hard drive on the Buddhist monks who speak of communalism and religion.
It is not in any way befitting the Buddhist monks to follow the Buddhist ethos and incite communal riots and destroy the property.

Therefore, any Buddhist monks who speak of communalism should be dismissed by the law as the cleric of such men, and to be punished and punished.
Then ethnic violence will be cut off by the feet.
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