When will Sri Lanka return from the racist mud?

 The period of racial violence in Sri Lanka is ruining the beautiful Sri Lanka Gayat Island.

In the small country of the world, Sri Lanka lives in the world. The most obvious fact is that the filmmakers are not yet built up to build the unity of the movies.
The Sinhala-Muslim violence has been unleashed in Kandy yesterday following the recent violence by Sinhala parties against Muslims in Ampara.
As hard-earned money is recorded directly through modern IT technologies today, the heart seems to be bleeding.

That was how the speed of racism was seen.
Such violence will save millions of human lives at any time and will damage crores of valuable assets.

So what is the reason for hard work? Prior to the question, the police force and judiciary in the issue of conflict in the individual human rights group are more forceful.

Racial incidents of racial or group confrontations The actions taken by the police and the judiciary in relation to al Qaeda incidents are essential to the confidence of the people.
Otherwise the affected party will attempt to impose penalty.

Such a situation is very dangerous, and these incidents lead to ethnic violence.

Therefore, it is the government's duty to ensure that police and judiciary operate without ethnic, religious, language and language.
At the same time, ethnic cleansing should be done in the country and the establishment of racial harmonies around the country and arrangements for severe punishment against ethnic violence.

Whatever the arrangements for the Sinhala-Muslim violence in Kandy can be prevented immediately, 
Proper compensation to victims should be given immediately.   
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