The man who has failed to solve the problems of the Tamil people has been threatened by the minister of state and the leader of the Democratic People's Front, Mano Ganesan. 
On the other hand, Minister Mano Ganesan on the other hand has provoked controversy by his bodyguard, saying, "We are defeating the same race, one language and one religion in this country where we have identified nine countries and three languages ​​and four religions. 
Vijayakanth, the son of the Tamil Nadu politician, who was assassinated by the minister who was present at the Jaffna Thavid Vidy Vinayak sports gymnasium, raised the question.
When the minister spoke there, the struggle to change the shape of the soil did not change. The struggle continues in the world. The Cold War is currently in Syria. What happened on our soil today is in Syria. Thus the Tamil National Alliance has come into the same country after the struggle on our soil. 

Whether one nation is a country, we can not forget the traditional national race. At the same time, the Sinhala nation, except Tamil, Sinhalese, and Muslim, will be demanding a separate state. The solution is the Colombo government. It does not know if the whole Sinhalese nation can not be satisfied here, but it will never succeed.
Father SELVA would have to sail with Sri Lankan leaders and not be able to succeed on his way. After that Amirthalingam attempted to settle through India was the first law of the 13th Amendment. After this, Prabhakaran tried to arm the Eelam Tamils ​​ambition around the world. However, eventually ended without satisfaction.

TNA national president Sampanthan is now again going beyond India and the United Nations through the United Nations. I try to bring Sinhala people to life. I did not say these things will happen. But if it does not, then Father Father Chelvanayakam said that if the attempts of today to save Tamils ​​are to be saved, this is the only thing God has to save.
I do not know Sinhala until 2001 when I saw Ravirajji in the Sinhala language in the south of the Tamil people. Then I learned Sinhala only after Raviraj. At the same time, I want to tell you that the entire Sinhalese are neither innocent nor bad. Likewise, we have told the sorrow of our people in the Sinhala language in the south as well as their grief. 
The Tamil United Liberation Front secretary, Vijayakanth questioned Mano Ganesan's resignation if he was forced to resign from office and was severely threatened by a security official. Then six special commandos, who came to Mano Ganesan's defense, Vijayakanthi was driving in the vehicle.

In the afternoon, the secretary of the Tamil United Liberation Front, Vijayakanth said that Vijayakanth's Tavadi had broken the foot of the house in the north and threatened everyone with the guns to intimidate everyone in the house. 
This process is a planned political revenge. Manoj Ganesan should take full responsibility if Vijayakanth has any impact on me or my family.
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