Chicks seen by Father's arrival

His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena has been blessed with love.
In fact, we have avoided writing a letter to them.

But why was it not possible to fulfill your promise to remind you of the promise you made to Anandasatharan in the New Year? The reason for the unknown is that we have written this letter to you.
His Excellency President Maithripala Sir Saina! Anandasatharan is a Tamil political prisoner who has been convicted of life imprisonment. His wife died recently and died.

Two children. Very young age. Father imprisoned; Mother died. In this case, the children are orphans.
You knew everything about this. Anandasatharan's children met you. And you hugged those children with a smile;

You raised the children by saying that your father Anandasatharan will be with you in Tamil-Sinhala New Year. The children were convinced that the father had come to visit. 
Tamil - Sinhala Happy New Year. But father Anandasatharan did not come. Our humble opinion is that no one needs to be moved by those who are happy to see how this situation can be.

Excellent President! There is a story in vegetarianism.
In a jungle, a pig wept twelve. One hunter killed the pig on the way to the prey.
The pigs who lost their mothers suffered from hunger. Seeing this, Lord Shiva pardoned the piglets. The mother became a pig and gave milk to the piglets.

This story is not meant to make sense of Shiva's miracle. Instead, it is important to realize the true philosophy that mother can only afford mother's affection.
So, if there is a father who has to care for the little ones that have lost her mother, the child's worry, sorrow, and the pain of the mother is not the same.

So, settle the oak of the chicks that have seen the way to your father's arrival as you believe in the words you have said.  
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