New Year is meaningless to us who have been languishing on the streets -The relatives of those who were disappeared

One of the mothers who are being engaged in protest for her disappeared son raised question asking the meaning of New Year to those who have been languishing on the streets. On behalf of those who have been staging the attention drawn protest for those who were disappeared for 55 days in front of Killinochchi Kandaswamy Temple, this mother raised question like this.
We are on the streets with tears. We have been seeing the road with the hope of the arrival of our loved ones who were disappeared. We have been waiting for 55 days on the street with the hope that somebody would come to us with good news with regard to our loved ones. But no one have turned their eyes o us, she added.
What is New Year to us who have been languishing on the street? Those times when we celebrated the celebrations went missing. The day when our loved ones who were disappeared come back would be the celebration to us. This government greets us while we are being at this pathetic plight, the mother expressed her grief.
Meanwhile, Ney Year celebrations are not celebrated much compared to the last year, according to the traders. They added this based on the decline in their business. It is highlighted that this is caused as the people are frustrated and unhappy.
“We are on the street. What is New Year?”, people of Keppapulavu raised question like this. People of Keppapulavu have been staging protest demanding the release of their native lands since 1st of last month. They have been continuing this protest in the tent which has been set up in front of the main entrance of Mullaitivu Army Headquarters.
This protest has been commenced with the demand of releasing more than 482 acres of lands belonging to 128 families. Keppapulavu Native Village, Seeniyamoddai, Pilakkudiyiruppu and Sooriyapuram are the villages which are come under the Keppapulavu GS Division. Military is positioned in all of these villages.
In the meantime, several military camps inclusive of more than 10 major military divisions were set up in Keppapulavu Native Village by occupying the residential lands, homes, schools, temples, playgrounds, agricultural lands and paddy fields though blockading the main road.
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