Mother tried to go to jail with her father to go to prison! Sorrow in Kilinochchi !!

Her daughter's rise to the political prisoner's father's prison was taken to the mother's final event and it has been tired of everyone's mind.
Ananthasathar Yogarani, wife of Satchidanandam Anandasatharan, the political prisoner, who was sentenced to life imprisonment last year in 2008 and died last year due to ill health.
Ananthasachar was taken into custody at the Marilanagar village in Kilinochchi today and was granted three hours to attend the funeral of his wife.
The incident took place in the prison cell with his daughter and father when he was again imprisoned by the police.
There are two children who are the son and daughter of Anudha Sudhiraku as a political prisoner. The incident happened with the daughter of the father to the funeral procession with his mother's body and the funeral procession.
It is noteworthy that after the father was arrested in 2008 in the Prevention of Terrorism Act, it was noteworthy that the two children living in the mother's belt had lost their mother and their mother.
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